Avebury Manor

For day 22 of #blogjune, part 2 of our stay in Avebury…

By staying at a National Trust cottage we got free admission to Avebury Manor, and they threw in a beautiful day with clear blue skies to enjoy the gardens as well.



I’d known of Avebury Manor long before our visit from having watched the BBC television show about its restoration, hosted by Penelope Keith.

(…and I’ve loved Penelope Keith since her role as the appalling but wonderful Margot in The Good Life back in the 1970s. In a another bit of The Good Life synchronicity, we later saw spotted Felicity Kendall having tea in the Bibendum Cafe in London.)

In another connection with yesterday’s post and Alexander Keiller and his marmalade fortune, Keiller procured a lease on Avebury Manor in the 1930s and one of the rooms there has now been restored in art deco style.



The other rooms have all been decorated in a variety of styles to reflect Avebury’s history over the years, some of it was a bit controversial – which you’ll know if you’ve watched the TV series – and some of it isn’t very successful, such as the “marbled” bedroom. But overall it’s a lovely experience, all the more so having seen how it was created.20160417_120623.jpg









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