Walking amongst the stones

For day 21 of #blogjune, we get to walk around the ancient stone circle

While our first day in Avebury was so wet and gloomy that we fled to Oxford, our second day was glorious with bright blue skies, perfect for a walk amongst the ancient stones. To begin though, it was a very frosty view out of our front door.


The stones were erected between 4500-5000 years ago and stood here in Wiltshire for thousands of years, until the Middle Ages when the Christian Church ordered them to be removed. Luckily, and probably because removing them would have been too difficult, the villagers buried most of the stones rather than removing them, although later some were broken up and used in buildings.


The stones are reputed to have mystical properties, and the Red Lion pub, in the photo below, is reputed to be one of the most haunted in Britain.


Alexander Keiller was a pioneering archaeologist, also heir to a fabulous marmalade fortune (true story!), who came to Avebury in the 1920s and set to work excavating many of the stones. This marmalade connection also led to my most favourite Tripadvisor review of all time, of the National Trust Tea Room at Avebury Manor:

Enjoyed two cream teas at the tea room but to my absolute chagrin, they have no marmalade.


A raised circular bank runs along the south-east and north-east quadrants with lovely views towards Avebury village. That’s our little cottage at the far left in the photo below.




On our last night we went for a spooky night time walk around the stones – it was quite peaceful actually.




2 responses to “Walking amongst the stones

  1. I got a chance to visit Avebury in 1986. I remember seeing several cats wandering among the stones. And boy, could I use a fabulous marmalade fortune!

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