Arriving in Avebury

For day 20 of #blogjune, we travel to Avebury and then to Oxford…

Not far from Stonehenge is a less well known stone circle, which contains within it the small English village of Avebury. We stayed here for four nights at Fishlock’s Cottage on the edge of the village but within the ancient stone circle.


Arriving in the early evening, we thought the cottage was idyllic until we realised there was a problem with the boiler and there was no heating or hot water. We tried calling the National Trust’s toll-free accommodation helpline but there was a technical fault with the system. Wondering if it might have been our mobile phones, I even walked down to the village shop which had an old fashioned red phone box out the front but we still couldn’t get through.


After over an hour of fiddling with the settings, Wayne got the boiler working so we thankfully didn’t have to face a freezing night or a cold shower in the morning. Hurrah!

The next morning was gloomy and rainy so, rather than go for a walk around the stone circle, we headed instead to Oxford which was about an hour’s drive away. Lovely Oxford is beautiful even on the greyest and rainiest of days.


We sheltered in the covered market until the worst of the rain passed, where we found a very excellent lunch at a pie shop called the Pie Minister – who could resist?


… and then the rains cleared and we spent the afternoon wandering around lovely Oxford.







5 responses to “Arriving in Avebury

  1. strawberriesofintegrity

    thanks Tony- we had a lovely day from Bath exploring Stonehenge and Avebury…it was freezing. I think you travel a little like us…like to stay in one spot for a bit and just do what takes your fancy (and what depends on the weather), and of course there is always a list of possibilities 😉

    • I think we do travel the same way! We like to base ourselves somewhere and plan tings depending on the weather and whims… And we did a day trip from Avebury to Bath!

  2. Lovely reading your latest posts. I am going to be based in Swindon in August and plan to do some of the trips you have blogged about.

  3. So glad you loved my little village! I grew up there. It is beautiful to go home too!

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