Tweed Tie

For day 13 of #blogjune,a slightly coffee stained knitting pattern…


This Tweed Tie pattern by Jem Weston is knit longways so you have to cast on a huge number of stitches to get started, and knitters will know the nightmare of counting and counting and never getting the same number twice. I checked and checked, using stitch markers to break it up into 50 stitch chunks, until I finally knew I had it right – yep, 385 stitches. I knit the first row, still 385 stitches.

Then I checked the pattern again. “Cast on 382 stitches”. Sigh…

Anyway, I’m back on track again now. I’m using the yarn as recommended in the pattern, Rowan Fine Tweed knit on 2.75 mm needles. I think I might even have chosen the same colour as in the pattern picture, Gunnerside, a tweedy dark blue.

And, just like in the picture, I think this tie might be perfect to wear to a wedding.





4 responses to “Tweed Tie

  1. I’m not always a fan of knit tie, but I like the way this one looks. It’s going to be great. Are you thinking of wearing it to any particular wedding? 😉

    • Well, actually, after going to Michael and Michael’s wedding last week I asked Wayne how about it and he said yes! So I’ll need an outfit! I’m a British citizen so we can be married at the British consulate in Australia but I think a change of government is a possibility and Labor have promised marriage equality within 100 days if they form government, so we’ll see what happens… There’s always New Zealand. 💜

  2. Just catching up on this news. Congrats. Oh and I do like the tie.

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