Back to the 90s

For day 12 of #blogjune

I listen to a lot of audiobooks and I’ve been thinking about signing up to an Audible subscription, but I’ve also got a great big stack of CDs and organising them on iTunes drives me nuts. So I’ve gone old school and bought a CD walkman-knockoff.

I thought about buying a genuine old Walkman on eBay but I figure it’s probably safer to go with something new, and this basic Phillips one should do just fine.


I wouldn’t mind a genuine old Walkman cover though…


4 responses to “Back to the 90s

  1. Someone at home I still have a Sony Walkman (cassettes), a Sony Discman (CD’s) and a Sony MP3 player (I think they called it a walkman too). I am pretty sure they all work too.

    • I had a Sony cassette Walkman when I went to Japan in 1984. I remember it had a radio insert shaped like a cassette!

  2. That’s just crying out for a knitted (or crochet?) cover, in my opinion!

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