For day 11 of #blogjune an international discussion of crumpets

An advantage (perhaps) of social media is that there is always someone awake and ready to chat, especially among librarians who seem to have a predeliction for waking at odd hours. I slept ok during my New Zealand trip last week except for the last day when I found myself wide awake at 2.00 am.

At first I consoled myself by calculating that at least it was 4.00 am in Melbourne, until I realised I’d gone the wrong way with the 2 hour time difference and it was actually midnight back home.

Pretty soon on Twitter I ended up in a global conversation about crumpets and the merits, or otherwise, of crumpets in Australia and the UK. We loved British crumpets on our recent holiday, and they’re a bargain – a pack of 8 for 50p!

I offered to test out the New Zealand ones when the breakfast buffet opened.

The verdict…





2 responses to “Crumpets

  1. strawberriesofintegrity

    That’s very funny.
    And weird
    We just returned from a massive 2 hr walk around Narooma and had a coffee and crumpets! Crumpets have to be toasted well!
    Didn’t take any photos, but as I was eating them I did think of taking a pic 🙂

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