Typically Dutch


For day 3 of #blogjune we hit the road in typically Dutch style.

Our stay on the SS Rotterdam came with a day’s free bike hire and we set off on what the Rotterdam’s concierge described as “typically Dutch” upright bikes. When she couldn’t get the bike locks undone she said that was “typically Dutch” too.

When she finally did free our bikes, we rode off under typically Rotterdam cloudy grey skies which soon turned to drizzle.


We headed first towards the waterbus stop at Katendrecht but, having managed to arrive just in time to see the waterbus depart, decided to keep riding towards the Erasmus Bridge and from there to the main waterbus stop at Erasmusbrug where we planned to travel out to see the windmills at Kinderdijk.

We took a short detour on the way to visit another connection to the SS Rotterdam, the former offices of the Holland America Line, now the glitzy Hotel New York.



We arrived at the Erasmus Bridge just in time to see the deck being raised to let a boat sail upriver – which was quite exciting!


At least the rain had stopped while we waited with a dozen other cyclists – and one tram – for the boat to pass and the bridge deck to be lowered so we could head off again. I was thinking that if this was Melbourne, they’d never get the tram tracks to line up.




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  1. A cyclists dream to ride in the Netherlands

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