Skipping through Schipol


For day 1 of #blogjune we begin…

I’m a librarian but I’m probably not going to be blogging about library stuff for #blogjune this year. Instead I’m going to do a little travelogue of snippets of our recent holiday to the Netherlands, Wales and England… very possibly interspersed with various other nonsense.

After the long flight from Melbourne via Singapore we landed early morning at Schipol Airport. As we came in to land the pilot provided the usual weather details, and then said “welcome to our small but beautiful country”. I was already thinking, I’m going to like it here.

Melbourne to Singapore was a KLM code share on Singapore Airlines, the best food of the trip but the tightest seating. I’m glad I’m not tall! The flight attendants were at least very good at getting people to put their seats upright during the meals otherwise I’d be wearing my noodles.

We had a three hour transfer at Singapore which flies by actually once you factor in travelling between terminals on the little train and then walking a very very long way to your departure gate. All the direction signs give you an estimate of how long it will take to walk to the gates… 25 minutes!? I headed out to the rooftop cactus garden but it was still very hot and humid even though it was almost midnight.

Queuing for our KLM flight to Amsterdam was when we first realised that Dutch people seem not to understand queuing at all. Middle aged couples happily barged in front of us several times. The KLM plane was an ancient 777 with a decrepit entertainment system, and the flight was only redeemed by the charming and slightly nutty cabin staff. Our return flight was on a completely refurbished 777 and I read in the magazine that the old planes should all be refurbished this year so I guess you shouldn’t let that put you off.

stroopwafelsWe had a perfectly fine vegetarian breakfast, but we probably should have opted for the little pancakes that the other passengers were offered. We did at least get to sample stroopwafels and I’ve found that they’re sold in our supermarket back home – put one on top of your coffee cup to warm through and melt the syrup.

We picked up some snacks at the airport supermarket for the train ride to Rotterdam. My attempt at a cheery Goedemorgen was obviously a complete failure as the shop assistant answered me instantly in perfect English. Must keep practising…






2 responses to “Skipping through Schipol

  1. I’m so glad for the opportunity to find out the details about your holiday. So happy you’re doing this! Looking forward to more….

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