Faeroe Island phone cosy

When I got my shiny new phone I managed to let it slide out of my pocket on the very first day. Thank goodness the only damage from landing on a concrete path was a tiny ding on the corner. My twitter timeline seems to be full of people who have dropped their phones resulting in cracked screens – or worse.

So I thought a phone cosy might be in order and came across this design for a Faeroe Island phone cosy by Eline Oftedal.


As the pattern is probably a couple of years old I think this might have been designed for an older and smaller iPhone. I decided to wing it at first but after getting about half way I realised that no amount of blocking would make it fit – so time to start over.


The original pattern has you cast on 32 stitches with an 8 stitch and 8 row pattern repeat. So, on my second attempt I cast on 40 stitches and also added one extra pattern repeat longways. It turned out to be exactly the right size for my Galaxy S6 phone (and I think it would fit an iPhone 6 too). Yay!


It’s knit cuff down in the round like a sock and then finished with a three needle bind off. This is the first time I’ve attempted this bind off and it was super easy, except for the bit where I had to turn the cosy inside out with the DPNs still intact.


Mission accomplished!

The yarn is my old fave Rowan Felted Tweed DK in “Clay” and “Rage”.

PS: I’ve been a little intrigued by Faeroe Island knitting designs since reading about a knitting cruise (yes, really!) this year which set sail on the Holland America Line’s Eurodam from Copenhagen to New York via the Faeroe Islands. While I wasn’t able to make it this year, the idea of a knitting cruise does sound rather magical – might need to add it to my “one day” list.


2 responses to “Faeroe Island phone cosy

  1. Is that some of your Christmas ball yarn? The cosy looks great. Tropical cruises don’t tempt me one bit. But a knitting cruise through cold climes? Let me know when you plan to go and I’ll meet you on the dock!

    • Yes it is! And Eline Oftedal has just published a free coffee cup cosy that looks very sweet. Channelling Heidi Klum, I wonder if a fair isle phone cosy, coffee cup holder and Christmas tree might be too matchy matchy?

      The knitting cruise got us thinking that cruises might be our future (my last cruise was in 1966!). Since watching Joanna Lumley’s documentary about the Northern Lights we’ve been thinking about it…

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