Is this thing on?

I seem to have forgotten about this little blog over the antipodean winter so here’s a little knitting catch up.


Askrigg is finished! The pattern is by Marie Wallin from the Rowan Purelife British Sheep Breed Collection, featuring sweater designs for men and women named after towns in the Yorkshire Dales. Askrigg looks like a very lovely place – I wouldn’t mind visiting one day.

Although the recommended yarn for Askrigg is Rowan British Sheep breeds Chunky, I knitted mine in Rowan Cocoon “Seascape”. I’d bought the Cocoon originally for a heavily cabled design Ilam, also by Marie Wallin, from another Rowan book Autumn Knits. Ilam is a pretty gorgeous but also a pretty complex design and, although Cocoon is the recommended yarn, I don’t think it would have held up at all. Ilam needs a more structured yarn I think, something to make those amazing cables pop, and also a yarn colour to show off their complexity.

When I started on Ilam I was worried that the moody green-blue Seascape might be a bit too dark – I was also concerned that the recommended seven skeins for my size wouldn’t be enough. I’m pretty sure you’d need an extra skein, and I ended up buying one, and used all eight skeins to make Askrigg.


I think Askrigg would look great in Rowan British Sheep Breeds Chunky which is rustic and sturdy, but I think the simple design also suits the fuzzy floppy Cocoon. This isn’t a sophisticated sweater. This is something to wear while you work in the garden, or walk the dogs on a cold wintry morning, or perhaps set off for a walk in the hills around Askrigg.


One response to “Is this thing on?

  1. Yes, it is! I think this pullover is absolutely gorgeous. Simple is good — and you made this yarn shine. That is an amazing shade of blue. Very, very nice. Hope you get to wear it in Askrigg someday!

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