Day 4: Pee Wee Herman Christmas

Day 4 of twelve days of Christmas decorations for the #blog12daysxmas challenge.

When Wayne and I visited New York City in 2010 we scored tickets to the Pee Wee Herman Show at the Stephen Sondheim Theater on Broadway. Well, just around the corner actually, on West 43rd Street.

It was a very special night and of course we visited the souvenir stand after the show for some trinkets to take home to remember it by. One thing we didn’t buy though, and we regretted it as soon as we left the theatre, was a pack of Pee Wee Herman Christmas baubles. I was thinking they might be difficult to pack… #stupid

Anyway, the next night while walking through Times Square we decided to head back to the theatre to pick up the Christmas baubles but the door security wouldn’t let us in – at first – but we politely explained the situation and they took pity on us. The show was just about to let out so, before the crowds emerged through the doors, we were quickly ushered over to the merchandise stand to make our purchase.

I put the Pee Wee decorations together with the pottery animals from Jonathan Adler on the “New York Christmas Tree”…



3 responses to “Day 4: Pee Wee Herman Christmas

  1. Fantastic! What a great memory to have of the show 🙂

    Also – is that a little ceramic elephant on the left? I love the lion on the right too!

  2. I’ll look for these at the gift shop in the basement of the Alamo next time I’m in San Antonio! 😉

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