Day 2: Jingle bell garland

Day 2 of twelve days of Christmas decorations for the #blog12daysxmas challenge.

A simple idea to go with the knitted Christmas balls on my tree, a crocheted tweedy jingle bell garland…


The idea came from DIY Maven’s 12 Days of CRAFTSmas – it’s also on Ravelry – although my garland is a little more petite since I only had 18 jingle bells in my pack from Daiso and DIY Maven’s design is for 50 bells.

Given I had less to work with and no time to get to the shops for more, I spaced them out a bit further with 25 crochet chains between each bell rather than 15. Even with more bells I’d space them out a bit further because my yarn choice was on the lighter side too – Rowan Felted Tweed DK, the same yarn I used for the Christmas balls, and more of a sport weight really rather than the worsted weight yarn called for in the pattern.

It’s a great and easy idea to decorate the tree, so I think I’ll pick up some more jingle bells and make some more for next year’s tree.



One response to “Day 2: Jingle bell garland

  1. Wonderful idea. A good way to tell if little ones are messing with the tree, too! I need to remember this…

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