Disaster averted

I usually seem to finish up my knitting projects with at least a ball of yarn to spare, and sometimes a lot more. For one of my early sweaters I ended up with more than four balls left over at the end which I couldn’t figure out at all – it’s not like I forgot to knit a sleeve or something – and I’ve got more than three skeins of Rowan Kid Classic left from my Brown Bear pullover. At least that’s enough for a scarf.

I seem to have tempted the knitting fates with my Thwaite cardigan though, where I substituted yarns and bought what should have been just enough only to run out right near the finish line. Yikes!


I’d bought the yarn at the Morris & Sons sale a year ago so it was with some trepidation that I headed into town today to see if I could at least find one more ball in the right colour. What a relief, not only a few balls left in my colour but one from the same dye lot.

I now have a new resolution – to always purchase enough yarn for the next size up, which should always leave me some to spare.


2 responses to “Disaster averted

  1. What luck to find the same dyelot.

  2. That NEVER happens to me. You are indeed quite fortunate!

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