Special meals

For the second last day of #blogjune in which I mustn’t forget to order a vegetarian meal for the flight

It seems that I may be in the minority but I do love airline meals and have even been known to peruse airlinemeals.net when choosing an airline for my trip. It’s fun to browse the pictures of retro airline meals from the 1950s to the 80s too!

14193930839_4211647ba4_zSeeing as we are vegetarian we also get to order a “special meal” which does make you feel a bit special even down the back of the plane because you get your meal first. It’s amazing how often a fellow passenger leans across and says “I wish I’d ordered that”. I do wonder though why an airline meal can’t be as beautiful and tasty as what you can get on a Japanese train.

wpid-img_20140528_031945.jpgWe flew to Japan in May on budget airline Jetstar but you can still order a meal plan, which of course we did! Here is the vegetarian lunch on the way back home from Tokyo. In Australia I’d always choose to fly Qantas where I can. I prefer the service, I prefer the slightly more mature flight staff, and you get a meal! On an American Airlines flight from Dallas to Charleston last year the catering consisted of a glass of water.

I took a mid-afternoon flight on the way up to Brisbane last week so it was just a snack, but it was pretty good: a cup of coffee with a pack of almonds and cranberries, and cheese biscuits with dip. When the flight attendant came around later offering seconds I couldn’t resist.


I flew home on Friday evening so scored dinner, a pretty basic pasta as it turned out. An Indian gentleman across from me had forgotten to pre-order his vegetarian meal and there were none to spare but the cabin staff tried their best and assembled a tray of bread rolls, biscuits, snacks and fruit. I think he ended up with more food than me.

You get a Rowie’s cake with the vegetarian option on Qantas, and Wayne loves them, so I always save the heart-shaped cake for him.




One response to “Special meals

  1. I must admit I am quite envious of those people who receive their meals first :). My last interstate trip was with Qantas, which was lovely!

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