Day 13 of #blogjune  – in which we indulge in some some winter garden planning

One of my wooden raised garden beds needs a bit of attention so I headed to the hardware store near work one day last week to look for some galvanised wood screws.


Unfortunately, or perhaps not, I got distracted by the garden department and some packs of dry-rooted asparagus crowns. Distraction seems to be something I’m prone to. I also went into the homewares store last week to get Wayne a glass bowl for his terrarium and came away with a frypan set.

(In my defence, the fypan set was half price, and I did also remember to get the terrarium. In my excitement over the thought of freshly picked asparagus from the garden I completely forgot about the wood screws.)

Anyway, the asparagus crowns at the hardware store looked pretty generic and the pack didn’t even list a cultivar so I passed on them and went to check the Diggers Club web site when I got home last night.

Diggers have several varieties including the wonderfully named Fat Bastard. I figured out that my 1200 by 1200 mm garden beds should be able to hold nine asparagus plants and Diggers also have a mixed pack of nine with three plants each of three different varieties: the old standard Mary Washington, a beautiful looking Purple, and our friend the Fat Bastard. I’ve just ordered them so they should be here in a week or so.

I was planning to plant the asparagus in one of the open beds but now I’ve read that strawberries and asparagus make excellent garden companions: the strawberries begin fruiting as the asparagus is finishing.

A mixed bed of asparagus and strawberries sounds heavenly, but Willy and Kuma also enjoy nibbling on a lot of our vegetables and strawberries would be quite tempting, so I think the asparagus and strawberries will need to go in one of the garden beds protected by the “Dog Proof Fence”.


3 responses to “Asparagus

  1. Yum. Did you make your paths? I am impressed.

  2. We have similar “brick paving”, I was wondering how you manage the weeds? I’ve been told to use chemical sprays but I’d prefer to avoid that. Beautiful garden!

    • Thanks Sonja, I use the boiling water left in the kettle and pour that in the cracks to keep weeds under control. Just pour it on a different spot every morning. I was worried about the worms but they’re quite a way down so don’t seem affected, just takes care of the weeds!

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