When knitting goes wrong

For day 12 of #blogjune 

I love vintage knitting patterns and have quite a stash, mostly from the sixties, and have actually knitted from quite a few patterns such as the Brown Bear Pullover which I knitted earlier this year (and wore to work today!) and my most recent knitting saga, the Mustard Jumper.

Some vintage patterns are commanding prices that rival a brand new knitting book these days but we scored quite big at the Shepparton op shops a few months back where the going rate was 20 cents for a pattern or $1 for a book.

patonsMy lovely friend Kerryn has found a few wonderful bundles of patterns for me too, mostly sourced from country op shops and mostly wonderful. Except perhaps this one.

The knitted tank top is pretty gruesome isn’t it, although its saving grace is perhaps that it does distract one’s attention from the trouser situation.

The chap to the right seems lost for words. Quite so.




4 responses to “When knitting goes wrong

  1. Tony – very funny post – unfortunately you didn’t succeed in distracting attention from the “trouser situation”! 🙂

  2. Oh no… I would not have noticed the pants situation if you didn’t mention it. Now it can’t be unseen =(

  3. Hah! “The trouser situation” just might be the best phrase I read all day. Yikes!

  4. I can imagine you in the tank top Tony. The trouser situation is unfortunate.

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