My head fits!

For day 11 of #blogjune – in which we are nearing the finish line on the mustard jumper saga

I was a bit stumped for ideas for a blog post for #blogjune but Kay and Janice on Twitter last night suggested a jumper update.

wpid-img_20140611_073105.jpgI am very happy to report that my head now fits through the neck of the mustard jumper! I realise that it would be an unusual v-neck jumper in which one’s head would not fit through, but I still consider this an achievement.

I now just need to finish the seams and weave in some ends so it’s almost finished.

If you’re a listener of the Stash & Burn knitting podcast this might remind you of those seemingly endless knitting projects that drag on for years, like Nicole’s Dad’s sweater or Jenny’s Bourne sweater. Anyway, it will be nice to finally wear it. The weather is getting cold here now so it will be great for early morning dog walks and working in the garden.


3 responses to “My head fits!

  1. I love that mustard color. So glad you persevered and made a sweater you really love!

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