For day 9 of #blogjune – the eighth tweedy Christmas ball

wpid-wp-1402275375987.jpegIf I’d thought about this, I really should have tried to make the eighth Christmas ball the topic for day 8 of #blogjune, but then I didn’t quite have it finished in time anyway.

To go with the tweedy snowflakes I’m making for the Snowflake crochet-along, I’ve decided to start over on the Christmas balls from last year’s Merry knit-along, this time making them in tweedy rustic Rowan Felted Tweed. The colours are cherry red “Rage” and neutral “Clay”, and I love how the flecks of black and blue set these colours off.


As Arne and Carlos say in the book, 55 Christmas balls to knit, Dovre hints at patterns on mittens but on a Christmas ball looks like a glass bauble. Lovely design.




2 responses to “Dovre

  1. You are amazing and crafty Tony 🙂

    • What a lovely comment! Thanks Graeme, there will be photos of the Christmas tree at the end of the year!

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