When your knitting fights back


Day 4 of #blogjune – in which my head is too big for my jumper

I originally knit this jumper over a year ago using a vintage sixties pattern. The yarn is lovely, Debbie Bliss Donegal Luxury Tweed Chunky in a rich mustard yellow called, as you’d expect, “Mustard”. It isn’t just yellow though, there are flecks of paler yellow, buff and apple green. It’s beautiful, and sadly has been discontinued, which is why I’m still persevering.

My first attempt was ok, but I was never really happy with it. The neckband was a bit too tight, the body was fine, but the sleeves were sort of puffy. The puffy sleeves were odd because men’s knitwear from the sixties usually has a slimmer fit. I wore it a few times and then in a moment of bravery (or madness) I ripped the whole thing out. I’d had an extra skein left over after the first attempt so I was pretty sure I could start over and make something new.

The next attempt was using a modern pattern for a plain set-in sleeve sweater from Patons book 1232 Inca Men. I got the back and most of the front done, but it was enormous even though I was knitting the small size. I ripped that out too.

spinnerinBy this time the yarn was starting to look a bit second-hand so I thought I’d try to revive it by winding it into hanks which I then soaked and laid out to dry. The yarn was looking almost back to new so I set to work again, this time using a seventies pattern for a raglan sweater from an old Spinnerin book, Spinnovations – groovy!

Nearing the finish line, I had sewed up the raglan sleeves and picked up and knit the ribbing for the neckline and luckily I thought to try it on before sewing up the rest of the seams.

My head would not fit through at all! Did people in the seventies have thinner heads? Drat and double drat. So I’ve ripped out the neckband… just the neckband this time.

I’ve put it to one side for now to have a go at fixing things next weekend. My current plan is to undo one of the shoulder seams so I can knit the neckband flat, working a few extra stitches into the neckband so it isn’t so tight and then sew it up. Wish me luck… if it can’t be salvaged this time I might just turn it into a giant scarf.


9 responses to “When your knitting fights back

  1. You can do it. You’re perseverance is inspiring!

  2. It’s a beautiful colour. Worth persevering. (the puffed sleeves sound delightful)

  3. i adore the colour – normally yellow isn’t my thing, but there’s so many tones of yellow which are about at the moment which are stunning.

  4. Oh Tony – you must LOVE that yarn! Fourth time lucky I expect 🙂

  5. How frustrating! I think it will turn out for you this time though 🙂 We’re doing a finish-along in July…if you want to join us, this could be a great project for that!

  6. The color is perfection. Absolute perfection. I, too, could forgive much from that color of yarn. Good luck!

  7. strawberriesofintegrity

    Love your tenaciousness Tony!! Good luck 🙂

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