Brown Bear

It looks kind of beige in the photo for some reason but, trust me, it’s really brown!

brownbear1This is my new button collar pullover in Rowan Kid Classic in the colourway “Bear”.

I had bought twelve skeins intending to knit the Wilson cardigan from Rowan Dalesmen but I didn’t like the fabric at all when knitting with the recommended 5 mm needles. I couldn’t get anything that would work with the Wilson pattern sizes either so I decided in the end to defer Wilson to another time and went looking for another project for the Kid Classic.

1-tshirtpullover_medium2I got a really nice fabric using 4.5 mm needles of 20 stitches to 10 cm which turned out to be the gauge used in some great vintage patterns from a sixties Mary Maxim publication Classic Casuals and I settled on a simple button collar pullover.

It’s shown in a rather startling scarlet on the model but I think my version might turn out to be more useful for everyday work wear in the library.

I do think there might be something amiss with Rowan’s yarn requirements though. I would have thought my pullover would use about the same amount of yarn as the Wilson cardigan, perhaps even more as I knit mine at a tighter gauge, but I’ve got nearly four skeins left over. What is a boy to do? Hmmmm.

10246169_227487724112557_654905888_nAs well as knitting, I’ve been inspired over the past few weeks by Martine over at iMake to try to take along a home made lunch at least a few days a week, and it’s been going pretty well.

In fact Knittingsarah asked for the recipe for my Pad Thai packed lunch, so here’s my veggie version…

  1. Cook your rice stick noodles according to pattern directions then drain and put aside.
  2. Fire up your wok and fry some cubed tofu. When it’s done, take out the tofu, add a splash more oil, then add one beaten egg to make an omelette. Take that out and shred into strips and put aside.
  3. The wok should be good and hot now so time to stir fry the vegetables. I chose sliced carrots, onions, spring onions (scallions), green beans and bok choy. Then add some bean shoots and keep it all tossing in the wok for a few minutes.
  4. My probably not very traditional sauce was a good slosh of tamari, with mirin, lime juice, tamarind paste and as much garlic and chilli as you can handle.
  5. Finally, add the noodles, tofu, and omelette strips back to the wok and sprinkle some finely chopped peanuts.




6 responses to “Brown Bear

  1. THANK YOU! I don’t have some of those ingredients, but I will be sure to add them to this list. I love that it is simple, so I *should* be able to make it! (I am not a fantastic cook. At all.) Thanks again!

    • Just think of a recipe the same way as a knitting pattern! You can substitute lemon juice for the lime and leave out the tamarind. Let me know you go!

  2. The sweater is lovely — will we see a modeled photo? And thanks for sharing the recipe. I just read this at the end of my lunch hour, and it made me hungry all over again!

    • Thank you! I’m really pretty pleased with how it came out. You are right, I need to organise a modelling session, we also don’t have photos of the orange tweed pullover from Christmas and I should have the mustard one done soon. And yesterday was a holiday here so I cast on for a vest and I reckon I might have the back finished by the weekend! I wouldn’t mind getting it done before we leave for Japan in two weeks…

  3. Your sweater came out perfectly. I love how you took a 60s pattern and make it look “now.”

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