Slogging along

Do you ever get to that point when you’re just slogging along and you just want a project done? I’m there. But I really should focus less on the finish line and more on enjoying the project at hand. There are a couple actually but it’s nice to at least reach a milestone in the journey.


The back and front are done for my T-shirt pullover, from a vintage sixties Mary Maxim pattern book, so that means I’m more than half way. I think this is going to be a useful wardrobe item and the yarn, Rowan Kid Classic, makes a lovely fabric. I’m trying to keep that in mind because I just don’t like working with it. Have you knitted with it? I’m finding it very splitty. It’s a nuisance really because I’m likely to have several skeins left over. Rowan seems to have wildly over estimated the yarn requirements in the Wilson cardigan that I originally bought the yarn to make, over 1800 metres for a small size plain cardigan? Hmmm.


I’ve also been slogging along on my Augusta scarf in Manos del Uruguay Silk Blend that I named the scarf for the colourway, variegated shades of olive green. Unlike Kid Classic this yarn is a delight to work with, really soft and quite lovely. The design is the “Linen Stitch Scarf” from Bruce Weinstein’s Boyfriend Sweaters that I picked up at Barnes & Noble in New York City (I love that store).

Linen stitch is great for breaking up variegated yarns and I’m really liking how it’s turning out. I just wish it was done! Still, mine version is at least a little smaller than the version in the book which specified five 50g skeins. I had two 100g skeins so I cast on 57 rather than 71 stitches and I think it’s going to be plenty wide enough, and long enough too.

And finally, something small. When you are slogging along on something big like a sweater and it feels like you’re never going to get it finished, it’s nice to have a result.


Three tweedy Christmas balls to go with the tweedy snowflakes in Martine from iMake’s Snowflake CAL. More on that soon!



2 responses to “Slogging along

  1. You are so right about having a smaller project like the Christmas Balls on the needles to break the monotony of “slogging” through the bigger projects. Now you know why i just won’t tackle a sweater again. Monotony!!! Hours of it!!! BUT having said that – your sweater is looking great! I am sure one day the long hours will be forgotten and you will simply enjoy wearing it!!!

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