snowflakesHello! Sorry it’s been a while. There has actually been quite a bit of knitting going on but just not much to show just yet: a linen-stitch scarf, a pair of socks for Knittingsarah’s “Socks with Sarah” gentle year long knitalong, and a pullover, the back of which is done but there’s a way to go yet.

The pullover was intended to be the Wilson cardigan from Rowan’s Dalesmen. I even bought the yarn specified in the pattern, Rowan Kid Classic in “Bear”, the colour of milk chocolate. I may also have chosen the colour in just the smallest part for the name.

1-tshirtpullover_medium2Anyway, no matter how much I tried I just couldn’t get gauge, but going down a needle size to 4.5 mm I found I got a really nice fabric at 20 stitches to 10 cm. So, I made a small change of plan and started on a button collar pullover from a vintage 1960s pattern book from Mary Maxim, Classic Casuals.

It’s a startling scarlet red in the book, but I think this will be a pretty useful item in my wardrobe in a classic medium brown.

That pretty much wraps up my knitting progress but I have been a bit more active in the crochet department, having signed up for Martine’s Snowflake Crochet Along. It’s a very appropriate follow on to the Christmas balls knitalong that Knittingsarah and Martine co-hosted last year.

I have to confess that I almost gave up before I started because my only crochet project up until now has been a double crochet wash cloth and the snowflakes are quite challenging. I did buy the book (Caitlin Sainio’s 100 Snowflakes to crochet) and some 4-ply cotton but it really was an unmitigated disaster such that, in a moment of frustration, I even offered the book free to a good home on Twitter. Luckily nobody took me up on the offer.

I’d been thinking of starting over on the Christmas balls using Rowan Felted Tweed and then I thought some tweedy snowflakes mightn’t look too bad either so I had a go using some leftover yarn. The first one came out pretty nicely so I invested in some more Felted Tweed in icy colours and I also got hold of some in Christmassy red and white to start on some matching tweedy Christmas balls.

There were three of the crochet snowflakes for February which ended up being quite tricky indeed, but I’m so glad I persevered. Here is the last one, and my favourite so far I think, number 69 Plane Dendrite.

plane dendrite


10 responses to “Snowflakes

  1. Right! I am tackling that last one tonight – you have inspired me Tony! Yours are lovely.

    • And thanks Martine for inspiring me to not give up before I’d even started! This is another where the chart really helps you figure out what’s going on, otherwise the third round seems very confusing. Will watch to see how you go!

  2. These crocheted snowflakes have been very inspiring — I’ve been following them on Instagram.. I might just have to give them a try. I’m not very confident in my crotchet skills, but it seems that something smaller like this might be just the thing to get me going.

    • Please do give them a go, you could choose a yarn to match your Christmas balls. They would look great on the tree together! Dont worry about your crochet skills, I hadn’t even attempted a granny square! My only suggestion would be to go for a larger gauge yarn, these are in sport weight and come out about 4-5 inches across.

  3. That looks really good – are you going to stiffen them or leave as is?

    • Thanks Kate, I haven’t stiffened them yet but I think the larger ones might need something if I hang them on the Christmas tree. Have you done anything with yours?

  4. Hi Tony, I missed you. Really like reading about your knitting exploits. I only knit what I call virtuous squares (10 x 10 inch squares) for blankets for the homeless at the moment. It makes me feel like I’m doing something good and productive (hence the virtuous) and I can allow myself to watch TV at the same time – lol. I think we are up to our 7th blanket so far in the last 12 months. Please keep up the good work

    • Hi Anna, thank you for saying that, very nice to hear. I have made a couple of blanket squares but luckily somebody else had the task of sewing them together!

  5. Your Plane Dendrite looks fantastic and you have given me hope that I can actually succeed. Until i saw yours on IG, I was NOT even going to try it!!! This kind of crochet has been a reall slog through deep snow for me. But I have managed a few flakes! It is a comfort to know I am not the only one finding them a challenge.

    Hoping you will be sharing pix of your Christmas balls in the tweed. They get under your skin, don’t they – can’t stop making them myself! 🙂

    • Thanks Pam, there will definitely be more tweedy Christmas balls. At the moment I’m planning to work my way through the book and do all 55 – eventually!

      I think I must be the only person who like the Plane Dendrite crochet challenge. It was tricky but I loved trying to figure it out.

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