Christmas knitting

How is your Christmas knitting going? I’m almost done, and I might even squeeze in an extra project!


The orange Christmas sweater was washed and blocked last week so it’s ready to wrap up this weekend, knit in lovely orange tweed Peace Fleece. The pattern is from a hysterical Patons vintage book for raglan sweater patterns in several different gauges for men and women.

The patterns are actually really good,  you just have to get past the photo shoot which looks as if it might have been directed by Benny Hill. I’m calling this the Librarian Sweater, those 1960s librarians sure look like they got up to some fun in the stacks.

It was only when I got to the final seaming up that I discovered a rather startling mistake. Well, I did discover it quite early but I thought it would be ok. The pattern has a quite modest 12 rows of ribbing for the waist and armholes and I had knit 16 rows for the back. I just figured I’d knit 16 for the front and use 12 rows of ribbing on the armholes. Sadly, I thought I’d knit 16 rows of ribbing for the back but was actually 18 rows so I was 2 rows out between the front and back. Drat. I’d done one side seam before I noticed and it didn’t look too noticeable, so I eased it a bit more on the other side and with blocking I don’t think anyone else would notice it.


It’s also my first v-neck sweater, which I was a little worried about, but which came out just fine.


My other Christmas knitting is three pairs of fingerless gloves for three brothers, and I have just two fingers left to go! There really is only one trick to knitting gloves: make sure you don’t knit two right ones (yes, really).


stockingAnd, finally, I have quite a bit of red and white Millamia yarn left over from the Merry Knitalong this year and I thought I might get in a bit more stranded knitting practice – and a little boost to the Christmas festive spirit – with the Nordic Star Christmas stocking, a free pattern from Millamia. No promises, we’ll see how we go. Hope you have a lovely holiday season!


8 responses to “Christmas knitting

  1. I love the sweater. Great job.

  2. Very nice sweater 🙂 I thought I was done yesterday but a couple new projects have presented themselves…no stress on these though, if they end up late so be it.

  3. Nice sweater and gloves!

  4. Looks good!

  5. Your sweater turned out perfect!!! I used to wear these all the time being vintage and all!!! And thank you for the link to the Nordic Star stocking pattern!! I too have lots of red and white yarn left!!! This would definitely be fun.

  6. Thank you everyone for lovely comments, I hope all your Christmas knitting is going splendidly!

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