Orange jumper and undyed yarn

My orange tweed Peace Fleece jumper is coming along and right on schedule to be finished by Christmas. I bought six skeins last year and I might even get this project done using just five – fingers crossed – which would be great for future Peace Fleece purchasing. This is a plain raglan sleeve pattern using that Benny Hill librarians pattern book by Patons, actually quite a good pattern as it turned out.


I had intended to make it to the Brooklyn General Store on my short visit to New York City to pick up some more Peace Fleece, and I was on the subway heading there on my last day, having checked out of the hotel, when I realised that I’d left my iPod sitting in the iPod dock in my room at the Pod Hotel. Drat. I wasted an hour heading back to get it and didn’t make it to Brooklyn after all. Thankfully I do have a couple of online sources for Peace Fleece though. In another #yarnshopfail I also headed to Purl Soho on my last day and, although it was past opening time and I could see someone inside, the front door was still locked. Double drat. I didn’t really have time to linger so I went around the corner to Jonathan Adler instead and bought a Christmas decoration to add to the collection.

I did have one yarn shop success though, my visit to the Lion Brand Yarn Studio where I picked up four skeins of their undyed pure wool at 15% off. The label says it’s perfect for hand dyeing and tomorrow I’m going to Jules’s natural dyeing workshop. Very exciting!



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