Just a few pictures from the charming city of Charleston where we recently visited to co-present a paper at the Charleston Library Conference about ebooks with my colleague and friend Michelle from UWA.


Luckily we had great weather and had some time to wander the streets of the old town before the conference got started and we also got to sample some nice restaurants as guests of the company that sponsored us. We also got to spend the early evenings sitting on the porch of the very comfortable indeed Jasmine House Inn drinking lemonade or iced tea, which felt very southern. I got to stay in “The Captain’s Room” which was quite sumptuous, including a working open fireplace which I discovered by chance while trying to find a switch to turn off a lamp and accidentally fired up, well, a fire!


Our paper was on the Friday afternoon so we skipped the session before ours to sit in Marion Square and gather our thoughts, and where we saw our lucky squirrel. We knew we’d be ok after that and indeed the presentation went just fine.

There were a couple more presentations on the Saturday which is when we discovered that Marion Square hosts a great farmers’ market on the weekend, and where I got some home baked dog treats as souvenirs for the boys.

After the conference was done we strolled over to the Halsey Art Institute where there were some excellent exhibitions, plus an old-time cigarette machine in the foyer converted to the Art-o-mat. Original artworks for $5! I’d wanted the knitted rock but the handle wouldn’t work for that selection, but I got a couple of neat Charleston artworks anyway.


Then we settled in for a lazy afternoon of coffee and craft beers at Kudo while we watched a cool band, Hank West and the Smokin’ Hots and watched some smokin’ hot dancing. It was a very nice way to end our little trip to the South.


3 responses to “Charleston

  1. Looks like you had a great trip. I’m glad you came!

  2. What a great trip! Thanks for the photos.

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