Merino silk gloves

vest2Alas, the Kuma tweed vest (as Steven called it) has been abandoned.

Do you ever find yarn that was at its most beautiful in the ball? The Charcoal colourway of Cleckheaton’s Merino Silk was like that. The tweedy nubs were just too loud against the dark grey fabric. I was hoping for something much more subtle. Trust me, it looks better in the photo than in real life, possibly because Kuma is covering most of it up.

This was at least my second attempt at a vest from this yarn after starting out knitting a plain stocking stitch version. Then I thought a textured pattern might tone down the tweedy nubs a bit, so I started over on Jane Ellison’s Adam vest. It was certainly an improvement but I still didn’t really like how it was turning out. I thought about plugging on but I knew I wasn’t going to like the end result so it’s been frogged. I think this yarn is really cut out for smaller projects so the now twice or thrice used yarn from the vest has been  balled up and packed off to the op shop to find a new home and I’ll find a smaller project or two for what I have left.

I also bought a couple of balls of the Merino Silk in a different colourway, Ochre, and I think this turned out much nicer in a pair of fingerless gloves. I’d bought two balls but by reducing the ribbing by a couple of rows I managed to squeeze these gloves out of just one ball – with literally inches to spare.


These are working out nicely for early morning dog walks and the tweediness certainly works better in this golden brown and in a smaller project.

The pattern is from Patons Australia book 1218, Beanies, scarves and accessories for men and boys. With the second ball I have left over I could probably make a matching hat, although I’d avoid the hat designs in this book. Hunky Mark Savoia is one of the models and even he can’t carry off a knitted beret.


5 responses to “Merino silk gloves

  1. Looove those gloves! The color and all =] I wish I could knit just to make a pair of those. I just can’t make a good pair of gloves with crochet stitches. Womp womp

  2. Oy, I have the basic understanding and can make a square. I just get frustrated with how slow knitting goes. Maybe after next week when I’m finished with student teaching I’ll spend more time focusing on knitting =)

    • Maybe a small project like gloves will get you into the swing. Even though it’s DK yarn these were really quick to finish

  3. Sorry about the vest. But the gloves are wonderful. I’ve been thinking I need to tackle something like this for the office. My library is like a meat-locker this time of ear.

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