My knitting helper


I finished the back of my Adam vest yesterday and here it is washed and blocking, with some assistance from Kuma, although I am not entirely convinced that he’s really helping.

The design is by Jane Ellison and I was doing fine until I came to the armhole decreases. I’d usually set them one stitch inside, but as this is a slip stitch rib pattern I wasn’t sure how that would work with the slipped stitches so I made my decreases right on the edge. It did mean that for every second decrease I ended up with an extra knit stitch at the edge, but I couldn’t see any way around this while keeping the rest in pattern, and Jane didn’t mention it either, so it will have to do.

I cast on straight away for the front so we’ll see if I get it finished before I leave for the Charleston Conference in early November. I was thinking a vest might be good for air-conditioned conference halls that can get a bit chilly, no matter what the weather is outside.

I’ve also been perusing some patterns so I have some ideas for yarn acquisitions on my New York City stopover on the way home. Steven has been working on his Redford sweater using Brooklyn Tweed Loft, a simple design at first glance, but with some interesting details and I’ve been following his progress with interest.

They do have Brooklyn Tweed at Purl Soho after all, and some yarn would make a nice souvenir, so I’ve been contemplating a sweater’s worth of either Shelter or Loft. Now I just have to decide on a pattern, or two, so I know how much to buy. The BT Men Volume 1 came out just in time.

(ps: If you do happen to be a librarian attending the Charleston Conference, please say hello! I’ll be the one wearing a vest covered in dog hair.)


One response to “My knitting helper

  1. Of course Kuma is helping — by only sitting on handknits that match his coat. Kuma tweed! Here’s hoping you have this ready for Charleston. You’re right — conference hotels can be downright frigid.

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