A life in yarn

A few yarny images from our Sunday trip to the Royal Melbourne Show. Look at these amazing yarn installations by the clever crafty people at Yarn Corner!


We spotted the yarn bombed tractor first in one of the agricultural halls, covered with tiny knitted and crocheted farmyard animals. There was even more when we got to our favourite exhibitions in the food and craft hall, the bit we always save until last, a massive yarn installation called “A life in yarn”.


There was a yarn bombed vintage car out in front complete with caravan, and a crocheted garden, fully equipped with bird bath and lawn mower. People were very respectful, I was astonished that nobody had made off with the knitted sausages and shrimps on the barbecue.

Inside was a knitted and crocheted house… a lounge room (occupied by a group of teenagers sitting on the knitted couch watching the knitted television the whole time we were there), a bedroom, a kitchen and a bathroom. Wonderful!

My own knitting projects are slightly less colourful but going along quite well nonetheless. The orange tweed jumper is still in progress, but that’s a Christmas project so it’s playing second fiddle at the moment to my charcoal tweed vest that I’m knitting from the Cleckheaton Merino Silk. The bad news is that Merino Silk has been discontinued but the good news is that you should be able to find it on sale for around half price if you’re quick! I chose the colour Charcoal, which is almost black really, with flecks of buff, brown and blue.

I started out knitting a plain stocking stitch vest but the tweedy flecks were really a little loud against the charcoal background so I ripped out the first attempt and restarted using a pattern by Jane Ellison from her Queensland Collection Book 9 which features great men’s designs including this vest.


The pattern is called “Adam”, a basic men’s vest in a slip stitch rib which I think has just enough texture to offset the tweedy flecks. It’s almost the same colour as the picture in the book too. I feel very grown up because I even knitted, washed and blocked a swatch before I started. I’m glad I did really because it’s only after blocking that the pattern really shows up and you can see how the tweedy flecks become much more restrained.


I’m going to keep cracking on this project because I’d like to take it with me on my trip to the Charleston library conference next month. I might even wear it for good luck on the day I give my talk.


2 responses to “A life in yarn

  1. Those colors from the things in the Show are so amazing! That must have been something to see. I had to laugh at feeling “very grown up.” Here’s hoping we always feel like we have a bit of growing up to! That would be so great if you could wear this at Charleston. I just hope it isn’t too warm in South Carolina in November!

  2. Thank you for sharing the images from the show. What a treat! Amazing designers in this world aren’t there!

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