Tricolor and Christmas Bells

xmasballsThere were two challenges in the Merry Knitalong for September including an extra special challenge, our first three colour Christmas ball.

The Tricolor is pretty special and, although I was a little worried that it might be difficult carrying three strands of yarn, it turned out to be surprisingly simple if not quite a doddle. You just have to be careful wrapping the yarns at the start of each round. The Christmas Bell is also quite special in its own way and I think they look very festive together.

instagramThe Tricolor is number 9 and the Christmas Bell is number 34 from Arne and Carlos’s book 55 Christmas balls to knit, and through some comments on Instagram, Arne and Carlos now know about the Merry Knitalong too.


5 responses to “Tricolor and Christmas Bells

  1. Lovely! You’re so consistent at achieving uniform roundness.

  2. Your Tricolor turned out so beautifully. I actually wasn’t planning to even attempt it – it appeared so difficult. But you convinced me I just had to try! And you are right – not nearly as difficult as anticipated. So thank you!!!!

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