On election day (and let us speak no more about it) I thought it was appropriate to go shopping for the yarn for my Julia Gillard memorial knitted kangaroo, the one that the former former Prime Minister was knitting as a gift for Kate Middleton and which caused the Australian political media to become even more unhinged than they already were. For a recap see back here.

Anyway, Lincraft were having 30% off a lot of their yarn range including Cleckheaton, and the kangaroo pattern recommends Cleckheaton yarn, so it seemed destined somehow. The pattern is actually for a red kangaroo but I decided to go along with Julia’s colours and chose Cleckheaton Country 8 ply in beige and cream.

The pattern also says that the red kangaroo is six feet tall, which got me worried for a moment until I realised they meant the actual kangaroo, not the knitted version.



2 responses to “Kangaroo

  1. That last sentence almost made me snort coffee out of my nose. Chin up after the weekend. There are always more elections.

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