Henri bear

Say hello to Henri bear. He is very happy to make your acquaintance.


In the last month of Winter I’d gotten a bit bogged down in my big sweater project so I decided a small diversion was in order, and this little guy was just the trick. The pattern is named, unsurprisingly, “Henri the Knitted Bear”. It’s by Rachel Borello Carroll and it’s a free download on Ravelry.



Henri’s first ride on a tram, very exciting!

The pattern calls for a small amount of worsted weight yarn and I used Sullivans Aztec, a super soft alpaca/acrylic blend that I found on sale at Lincraft. I think this is a rebranded version of the discontinued Lincraft Lima which I used a few years back for my first ever knitting project, a blue and green striped scarf. This yarn would be perfect for small projects like toys and scarves and it comes in a couple of colours (red, green, blue) plus several natural shades so perfect for knitting small bears! I used reddish brown “Ginger” for Henri.

It was good to get this little project finished so quickly because my long-term sweater project, using the orange tweed Peace Fleece, was causing me some grief and I’ve now restarted it for the third time. Sometimes you just need a small win. I did get something else done for August though…

xmasballThe August challenge in the Merry Knitalong is “Selbu”, number 17 from Arne and Carlos’s 55 Christmas balls to knit.

It’s based on a four-leaf clover design so green seemed like the right colour to choose for this one (plus I’m getting a bit low on my red yarn so I really will need to get some more).

Oh, and I’ve almost finished my Araucania Ranco socks… and I’ve cast on for a vest too using some Cleckheaton Merino Silk that I found on sale at Clegs. I think I must have had a burst of late Winter start-itis. Better get cracking so I can report back on my progress next time!


4 responses to “Henri bear

  1. Henri is certainly a charmer — and just the thing to shake up knitting doldrums. Your Selbu turned out great. It’s the one I had to knit twice after not catching a major mistake until I was all done. I think I skipped a row or something. Yours looks perfect.

    (I love commenting on your September post from way back in August! 😉 )

    • Selbu must be a bit cursed. On my first attempt I was dropping stitches and it’s quite tricky laddering down and picking up in fair isle, I kept grabbing the wrong colour. In the end I decided to just start over… Now that it’s done it’s one of my favourites!

  2. Ah, Henri is very cute! I’m working on a bear at the moment, for my dad. I decided to make him because he looks a bit like my dad and has the same overalls!

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