Carry on up your jumper

1-patons_raglanThe cover photo looks like something from a Carry On movie doesn’t it? This is Number 1 from the 1960s Patons Australia “Classic Series” The Raglan Pullover.

The first page says that there were 15 “Classic Collection” booklets in the series but I have to say that while I have come across this one quite often I have yet to see any others so I wonder if they were ever published.

I also wonder if they went with the Benny Hill librarians theme if they did.

“A classic is what endures – in fashion, a style that outlives the seasons, to become as traditional as time. Today’s fad, tomorrow’s fancy – these come and go, to keep fashion lively and exciting. But classics go on forever.”


This is actually a really useful pattern book with six patterns in all for several different gauges and with sizings for men and women.

There are also yet more inappropriate photos like this one. They seem to be having a lot of fun in the stacks, don’t they?

I’m knitting the version for Patons Jet as illustrated on the front cover although I’m using Peace Fleece Worsted. It’s odd that’s it’s called “Worsted” because it’s really more of an Aran weight yarn, the same gauge as Jet with 16 stitches to 10 cm.

Mine is in orange tweed “Glasnost Gold” although I’m not feeling very fond of Russia at the moment, what with all their anti-gay legislation, so I’ve decided to rename it “Ginger”.



8 responses to “Carry on up your jumper

  1. “Benny Hill librarian” ! Hah! And I think Ginger works just fine. Thanks for sharing these photos!

  2. I love that Ginger color – what a showstopper!

  3. I hadn’t seen any others in that series either until today, where I saw a heap of different ones in an op shop in Essendon. Nothing nearly as Benny Hill-esque as the one you’ve got though.

    It’s a beautiful colourway, that ginger!

    • Thanks Emma, did you buy them? Actually I was browsing through my vintage pattern stash and I discovered that I do have number 2 in the series. Not as much fun as volume 1 though!

      • I didn’t end up buying them, I got distracted by some other vintage knitting patterns that ended up coming home with me. Let me know if you want to know the name/address of the op shop.

        I have to admit, I was a little disappointed that the camp photography didn’t seem to make it through to the other booklets in the series.

    • Yes, I was a bit disappointed when I found the second book in my pattern stash and there were no knitting hijinks… (ps: I don’t think I’d get over to Essendon, but thanks for offering!)

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  5. Hi great blog! I have the exact same book! I went to a garage sale I got a box of vintage Patterns for $10 I think this one is the best!

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