The Julia Gillard Memorial Knitted Kangaroo

This time last week it was all happening in Australian politics, the day Julie Gillard was deposed as Australia’s Prime Minister and the day those knitting photos appeared in the Women’s Weekly.


I loved the photo of the former Prime Ministerial dog Reuben posing with the kangaroo, a knitted gift from the then Prime Minister to Kate Middleton, so much so that I went searching for the pattern (being a librarian, and all) and I’ve tracked it down! It’s from Cleckheaton pattern book #95 Wildlife in 8 ply.

Julia must have had the pattern book for a while because it was published in 1999 and has long been out of print and the rare copies that have come up on eBay seem to have sold for high prices. Luckily I found someone who was letting go of an old bound photocopy for $4 so I bought it on the weekend and it arrived in the postbox today. 


The former PM’s kangaroo is knitted in a neutral grey brown but the pattern is actually for a Red Kangaroo, which seems somehow appropriate. Haven’t decided yet what colours I’ll use but I’m definitely planning to knit it. Photos soon I hope!


8 responses to “The Julia Gillard Memorial Knitted Kangaroo

  1. I liked your post. Funny how I can read it and hear culture and knitting whereas a week ago all I would have heard was political cacophony. A week is a long time.

  2. Good detective work! Those things are all awfully cute. Can’t wait to see the results.

  3. The penguins from that book look cute too!

  4. I have been curious about the pattern Julia used and now that I see the cover – I think I may have it in my stash. Can’t wait to have a good look for it. Thankyou I am a mad knitter and will have to have a go at knitting a few of the gorgeous animals in the book, I have knitted the bilby years ago

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  6. Hello, has any one actually knitted this pattern? I am having a problem from row 129.
    Decrease the 1 st of 4 repeat rows, while following non decreasing pattern!!
    I don’t knit a lot, am I missing something??
    I would appreciate any help available.
    Regards Vivienne.

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