Day 29 of #blogjune

A little while back KnittingSarah hosted a competition in the Merry Knitalong and I won a prize! Well, actually, it is not that surprising because, just like the best children’s parties where nobody gets left out, Sarah made sure that everyone won a prize.

And my prize was pretty super. Sarah gifted me a fair isle snowflake hat pattern, Snawheid by Kate Davies. Follow the link to have a look. I think I’ll leave off the huge pom pom, but the snowflake pattern is fab.

So then I had to go shopping for some yarn to do justice to the pattern and I chose Jamieson & Smith 2-ply jumper weight yarn which is one of the yarn recommendations in the pattern. The only disappointment is that the yarn colours don’t have names, just numbers, I love colour names. Anyway, I bought two balls of colour 141, a pale blue green, and colour 1A, the colour of cream.


I should start soon to get it done before Spring arrives.


4 responses to “Snawheid

  1. LOL! Everyone’s a winner! LOL! I’m glad you like the pattern. I actually bought it right when it came out & haven’t made it yet. Did you know that there are also matching mittens? I believe I got them when they were launched so they were kitted together. I can’t wait to see how it turns out — maybe I will just have to treat myself to some J&S, too…

    • We cannot buy J&S anywhere in Australia so this was an online purchase, took me ages to choose the colours.

  2. I love Katie’s stuff and her photography, too. Lucky you! Camilla Valley Farms in Canada has taken a stab at naming the J&S colo(u)rs — see the left column:

    You seem to agree on “Cream” for 1A!

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