Magic seaweed

For day 28 of #blogjune


Isn’t “Magic seaweed” the best name for a colour, and isn’t this a great colour too?

This is Mirasol Sulka and it’s gorgeous, on first glance very similar to Rowan Cocoon but this is a blend of mohair wool, alpaca and silk. I bought it to make the “Staggered rib scarf”, a free pattern on Ravelry by Suzie Blackman.

“A cosy, chunky-weight scarf in a reversible, diagonal rib pattern.”

I had planned to make this a while ago, and actually started with Rowan Cocoon, but realised that I wouldn’t have enough yarn so this time I’ve got four skeins of the Sulka which should be perfect. It gets rave reviews on Ravelry and it feels lovely so I’m looking forward to working with it.


2 responses to “Magic seaweed

  1. I love the colour name, it is “magical”.

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