Jumping the knitted shark

For day 26 of #blogjune

Just when you thought the Australian media and political reporting could not possibly get any more ridiculous they go and prove you wrong. I logged onto Twitter after lunch yesterday to discover that I had totally missed Australia’s latest political scandal which had been taking place while I was stuck in meetings.


It has to do with a knitted kangaroo. Or just knitting, really. Because knitting must be really stupid. And the Prime Minister knits.


It’s fine for the Prime Minister to go to a football match. I think it would probably be fine if she played golf and had her photo taken on a golf course. But the Prime Minister likes to spend a quiet moment knitting. And apparently that is ridiculous. 


Quite so.


The PM recently knit a scarf which raised over $4000 at a charity auction and now she has decided to put together a gift of a knitting package for Kate Middleton of wool, patterns, and a knitted toy kangaroo. While there are valid complaints to make about a number of the Prime Minister’s policies I cannot see that there is anything here to complain about.

Frankly, I think we’d get more sensible political commentary from the Prime Ministerial dog, Reuben. Anyway, the story is here. Oh, and go and read what Val McDermid has to say.



3 responses to “Jumping the knitted shark

  1. I now officially have a crush on both your prime minister and her dog.

  2. My Mum knitted a red kangaroo just like that for my son about 20 something years ago.

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