Glasnost gold sweater

For day 25 of #blogjune

On Sunday I posted about starting over with the yellow tweed jumper, but before that I have made a start on another new project: a plain men’s sweater in Peace Fleece Worsted. Like this…


…except I’m making the vee-neck version.

The pattern is from Patons Australia book 1266 Jet Men which features 20 patterns for men’s sweaters and cardigans including some really nice classic designs like this. The patterns are for Patons Jet 12-ply but luckily Peace Fleece Worsted has the same gauge of 16 stitches to 10 cm.

I’ve used Peace Fleece once before, in my grey tweed cardigan, and I love it. It’s certainly not the softest yarn to knit with, but it does soften a little once you’ve washed your project. Best of all though, I love the subtle tweedy colours.

Some tweeds can be a bit clownish with bright blobs of incongruous colours, but the colours in the Peace Fleece are subtle and understated, even in their brighter ones like this.


This colourway is Glasnost Gold, at first glance you’d call it orange but really it’s a rich red brown with flecks of sage green and red. I love the Peace Fleece colour names too, this one is named for the Russian word for “openness”.


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