Yarn haul

For day 22 of #blogjune, a successful day’s shopping.

We started by heading up to the Psarakos Market on Saturday morning. If you live around Northcote or Thornbury you probably already know about this but, if not, put it on your list. It’s tucked away in a corner behind High Street at Clarendon Street on the 86 tram line.

There’s a little arcade with a bakery and some food stalls leading to a large fruit and vegetable market and, somewhat incongruously, a liquor store. There’s not much that’s organic, it’s catering more to the old school shoppers around here than Thornbury hipsters, but the stock is usually pretty good and very well priced.

Best of all though is the old supermarket which is now a Mediterranean wonderland, a bit like Mediterranean Wholesalers on Sydney Road but more Greek than Italian. There are still plenty of Italian and other European goodies though, and even some surprises like Mexican sauces.

After that we headed into town for some lunch and a quick forage at Kill City Books who are sadly closing down, but all their stock is 60% off so great if you like vintage crime books. Then, saving the best to last, we headed up to Morris & Sons for the last days of their winter sale.

Seeing as I’ve finally knitted up all the Noro Silk Garden sock yarn in the stash I chose two more…



I was having a lovely catch-up with Jules when I spotted the Araucania Ranco sock yarn display. Kate from Kate’s Twirl had recommended this to me a while ago, and Jules agreed, so I added that to the yarn haul as well to round things out.


The Araucania Ranco striped colourways look nice but with the stripey Noro I decided to go with this beautiful semi-solid sky blue.


3 responses to “Yarn haul

  1. I love Araucania Ranco – have knit three pairs of socks with it, for my mum and her two sisters. I have another skein waiting just for me! 🙂

  2. Similar colour to what you have but the variegated version – I seem to come home with a skein of it each time I’ve gone to one of their sales!

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