Lost and found

For day 20 of #blogjune, a little post inspired by Kim.

Wayne and I have had matching Celtic knot rings for two decades, although we didn’t for a few years in the middle there.


Many years ago I was wearing this ring while putting sugar cane mulch on the garden beds. It was only when I came inside that I noticed it was gone and a search of the garden showed that it was seemingly gone for good. Oh no!

Then, several years later, I decided to move the compost bin, pulling apart the wooden frame and scattering the compost around the garden beds. It was only when I got to the very bottom that I noticed something shiny in the earth. My ring! I’m so glad I got it back. It was pretty mucky after years in the dirt but came up gleaming just like new after a clean and polish with lemon juice.


6 responses to “Lost and found

  1. Nice story:) and well done for keeping up with #blogjune. I am so behind with both it and #anz23mthings. I shall just have to hunker down and catch up.

  2. hooray!!

  3. How wonderful that this came back to you!

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