The Thomas Crown Affair

For day 19 of #blogjune the next installment of our Winter of 1967 or thereabouts Saturday night movie festival.

the-thomas-crown-affairI’d seen The Thomas Crown Affair once before but was obviously not paying attention the first time around because by the end I had no idea what was going on. Watching the second time around, the plot is really quite straightforward.

Steve McQueen plays sporty millionaire businessman Thomas Crown who pulls off a daring bank robbery, not because he needs the money, the guy is rolling in it, but because he wants the diversion of creating the perfect crime.

Faye Dunaway is Vicki Anderson, the insurance investigator contracted to investigate the daring heist who is onto Thomas Crown pretty quickly as the likely culprit. So begins a tangled game of cat and mouse, although we’re never quite sure who is the cat and who is the mouse right up to the last scene.

The movie is incredibly stylish with multi frame split screens used to brilliant effect at various points in the film, although Dunnaway’s constantly changing hair styles and outfits (29 in all by Theodora Van Runkle) almost steal the movie. Of course there is also a brilliant score including the Academy Award winning theme The Windmills of your mind.

Recommended for some stylish fun.


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