A Sunday at Moosewood

For day 17 of #blogjune the cookbook meme, inspired by Kate and Penny.

Kate’s post about her cook books mentioned the Moosewood Cookbook, the original of which was a staple in Carlton and Fitzroy share houses when I was a student. Strangely, I don’t have that one but we do have four Moosewood books so I took them out to have a look.


We mostly have the later ones including a couple which reflect the more health conscious times of the past few years: Moosewood restaurant low-fat favorites and Moosewood Restaurant cooking for health.

Moosewood Restaurant new classics is an updated version of the earlier cookbooks featuring lots of simple dinner and lunch ideas, and I was curious about a book I saw a while back Moosewood Restaurant simple suppers but it was only available in hardback and a little pricey so I’m waiting for the paperback edition. I do like a simple supper.

Moosewood cookbooks really do feel like they should be in paperback anyway, there’s something about them that always takes me back to student days when I had no money but lots of time for slow cooked meals of beans and lentils.

The book we use most is the first one I bought, Sundays at Moosewood Restaurant.

Each Sunday at Moosewood Restaurant, diners experience a new ethnic or regional cuisine, sometimes exotic, sometimes familiar.

Each of the 18 chapters is written by a different chef and begins with an essay describing the food of the region followed by a menu for a multi-course feast, although we mostly just choose one or two recipes. We probably have only cooked our way through half a dozen of the countries so I’m going to read it again for inspiration. I’ve also been inspired to look out again for some of the earlier Moosewood books.



8 responses to “A Sunday at Moosewood

  1. strawberriesofintegrity

    My Moosewood is so old, falling apart but much loved.
    I also have the Enchanted Broccoli Forest and the top one you have pictured – which I have only made 4-5 individual meals out of..
    The old ones DO have a lot of cheese!!

  2. I’ve never heard of this cookbook before – but now that you and Kate have both mentioned it, I’ll have to check it out! Thanks!

    • It’s a great cook book! If you can’t find it locally they have it at Book Depository. I’ve been browsing some of the other Moosewood books.

  3. How fun! I lived in Ithaca NY for a fey years and used to eat at Moosewood regularly. They really do have a wonderful menu, making vegetarianism accessible to all, even if just for that meal. Fun to realize that this is a staple cookbook even around the world.

    • I have a little fantasy that I might get to eat at Moosewood one day!

      • shellssells

        It would not just be a dining fantasy, Ithaca NY is absolutely beautiful, you could make an entire vacation out of it. Especially if you enjoy waterfalls, hiking, gorges, etc. In fact, though I am now far away, I often imagine myself vacationing there. I do hope that happens for you someday!

      • That sounds wonderful!

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