first crochet project

Day 16 of #blogjune

I have been meaning to learn how to crochet for the longest time but I just couldn’t seem to get the hang of it until I got hold of Crochet step by step by Sally Harding. It’s one of a series of beginners’ craft books by Dorling Kindersley and I have to say that the explanations and photos are brilliant. Reading this book, it all suddenly made sense.

Once I’d practised the basics for a bit I decided to try a project, something simple for practice, so I chose the “Simple dishcloth” from Erika Knight’s Crochet workshop.


It’s just a square of double crochet (using the British terminology) but it helped me to learn the basic stitch and structure. For a while there I was adding and losing stitches all over the place but this actually came out square.

The green stripe is a nice 50s touch too, added in slip stitch once you’ve finished. Now to think about what to do next.



6 responses to “first crochet project

  1. Love the idea of the green stripe added with just a slip stitch. Great job! Well done. Looking forward to seeing what you do next.

  2. My granny made some amazing crochet masterpieces … She had a great talent which none of us learnt from her and now we are all regretful. We each own and will forever keep her work

    • I’m not sure any of my efforts will be masterpieces! But I’m very glad I perservered and learned how, maybe you could too?

  3. oooo yours is so much neater than my dodgy one 😉 Must show a progress report for mine. And see about that book. I am a big fan of the DK stuff.

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