old photos

Some old photos for day 15 of #blogjune

There have been a couple of nostalgic posts through my “Blog every day in June” this year and it made me want to go hunting for old photos.


In my post about names last week I mentioned my great grandmother whose name was Myfanwy. I think it’s a beautiful name and here she is, holding me as a tiny baby. I was born in Wales but we migrated to Australia when I was only 5 months old (so sadly I don’t have a Welsh accent). To her left is my dad and my grandmother .

My grandmother ran a cafe in Colwyn Bay on the North Wales coast where I was born and when I was 7 we got to back and visit, sailing on the liner Canberra which I blogged about back here and here. I remember one day all the kids were taken up to the bridge and had our photos taken wearing an official “SS Canberra” sailor’s hat with our hands on the ship’s wheel. You cannot imagine how exciting it is for a 7 year old boy to be actually steering a great ocean liner!

I haven’t been able to find that photo but I did find this one of my mum, a lady from the ship and two of my brothers, Stephen and Andrew, and we have just come down the gangway onto the docks at Naples. My other brother Ian broke his leg and was stuck in the ship’s hospital.


I was such a skinny kid!

It must have been getting cold because we reached Southampton just before Christmas but my brother Stephen and I are still wearing sandals. An Italian man on the docks talked my mum into giving us a free tour so he could practise his English and she asked him to find us a shoe shop. I don’t think we saw much of Naples but I did end up with a pair of Italian shoes.


6 responses to “old photos

  1. THese are awesome!

  2. Wow! Beautiful photos and memories

  3. ps: I just noticed the binoculars around my brother’s neck. He must have been planning some serious sightseeing!

  4. Lovely photos! I’ve got to get myself a scanner…

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