If this then that

Day 13 of #blogjune

I hadn’t heard of IFTTT until Wayne told me about it this week. It’s pronounced like “gift” without the “g” and stands for If This Then That.

IFTTT really does sound like a brilliant tool for managing your social media using simple “if this then that” statements which it calls “recipes”.

Recipes create actions based on criteria such as:


IFTTT comes loaded with lots of recipes created by the community and currently interacts with 62 social media applications including Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, WordPress, Blogger or Etsy which are called “channels”. You can activate any of the Channels that you want, then IFTTT will show you the recipes that are ready to go for that channel, or you can see the available triggers for that channel that you can use to create new recipes.

So, an Etsy trigger might be based on when a new item is added to one of your favourite Etsy shops:


How about this neat idea to get around the Twitter/Instagram feud?


Wayne has created a neat recipe himself. When the new week’s theme is added to the Flickr Friday Photos group we now get an email to let us know what it is and  it sends a tweet from his Twitter account and tags me so I get a Twitter update too. Clever guy! Must have a go myself.


2 responses to “If this then that

  1. I learn the coolest stuff from you!

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