Three good things pizza

Day 12 of #blogjune

The three good things in this pizza are silverbeet, onion and chestnuts, three things that I would never have thought to put together myself but which are definitely good!


Wayne has been inspired lately by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s new book Three good things which features recipes for three ingredients that go splendidly together,  including one for Kale, onion and chestnut pizza. Not having any kale to hand he made this with silverbeet and adding plenty of garlic and topping with some cheese.

The silverbeet, onion and garlic is slowly braised and then the chopped chestnuts are added to the mix. We use the vacuum packs of chestnuts that you find in Asian grocers.

With the garlic and cheese I guess this is really “five good things” pizza, but the addition of garlic really helps to balance the sweetness of the onions and chestnuts. Delicious!


10 responses to “Three good things pizza

  1. Heavens, that looks tasty. I had to look up silverbeet — it’s called chard in these parts — or “yucky green stuff” by my niece. She doesn’t know what she’s missing. I’ll keep this in mind!

    • Do! We have also made it with spinach and I’m hoping my kale plantings in the garden next spring are more successful! Fun about the different names isn’t it? I think what you call beets we call beetroot.

  2. Looks delicious. My sister loathes chestnuts. Any ideas for substitutes? I suppose I could hide the chestnuts.

  3. strawberriesofintegrity

    I love and use that book also….(sorry to be always commenting, “me too”)
    Wonderful combinations, some known, some not so known. Love dipping into my recipe books 🙂

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  5. Omnomnom! Loooove chestnuts! Think I’ll be giving this a try soon.

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