Matching Noro socks

Day 10 of #blogjune

norosgSome people think you’d have to be mad to try to match up the colours on Noro socks, but after I managed to get the colour repeats to line up the first  time I knitted socks with Silk Garden I wrote down the formula and I’ve been following it ever since. That is, except when I make a stupid mistake as I did with the second sock of my current project.

I use a basic top down pattern and the formula is to knit 56 rows of the cuff before starting on the heel flap, then from picking up stitches for the gusset knit 70 rows before beginning the toe decreases. Sadly for my second sock I accidentally reversed those numbers so I ended up with a long cuff and a very short foot, which of course I didn’t notice until I’d nearly finished. After ripping back to row 56, I’m back on track again which is a good thing because I have to get these finished soon — I need the needles for the Merry Knitalong Christmas ball for June!


I’m a man but I don’t have very big feet so I think these socks would fit the proverbial “average size foot” that you see in some patterns. You can get two matching socks out of one ball of Silk Garden with a bit left over, so you could lengthen the foot a bit if you need to.

Of course, your plans for matching socks will be thwarted if the Noro Gods throw in a knot and an abrupt colour change, as once happened to me. I now wind the skein into two balls so I can see the colour repeats and check for knots. I also noticed in the colourway (289) I’m using for the current socks that the colour repeat is slightly shorter than usual so I had to improvise an oddment of colour at the toe to get the cuffs to match.

Another tip: if you aren’t crazy about one of the colours you can arrange things so that the colour you don’t like ends up in your foot and covered up by shoes most of the time. I did this with a pink/purple section of the socks I knit with colour 321.


2 responses to “Matching Noro socks

  1. This may be a silly question, but how do you know where to start to ensure you have enough wool for both? Do you have to choose the starting colour according to what colour the skein starts with?

    • I usually just start at one end and I know from experience that if I count the rows I’ve got enough for two socks with a bit left over. I just then have to find the same colour repeat to start the second sock. Noro Silk Garden seems to have a little more than 2 complete colour repeats in a skein, as long as you don’t have a knot!

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