Day 8 of #blogjune, in which we segue neatly from yesterday’s discussion of Welsh names to yarn.

A few weeks back I was listening to a Cast-on podcast in which Brenda Dayne and Amy Singer were talking about the P3 knitting retreat they recently hosted in Wales. During the retreat they put on a “Tiny Perfect Marketplace” which featured “two utterly amazing Welsh dyers” one of whom was Caerthen (another great Welsh name!) who produces hand dyed yarns in  Carmathen, Wales.

They have also come up with a wonderful Welsh name for future knitting retreats, Gwlana which means “wool gathering” but also means to “day dream”. I think I might day dream about going to a knitting retreat in Wales some day.

When I popped over to the Triskelion Yarn web site I spotted some lovely yarn called Rhiannon, which just happens to be my mother’s name, so I thought it would make a special present for Christmas. (It’s ok to write about it here, she doesn’t know that the Internet exists.)


At first I thought I’d buy the yarn to knit her something, but then I thought it might be nicer to give her a couple of beautiful skeins and she can come up with an idea to knit something for herself.

I’d normally go for the blues and greens, but buying yarn for someone else allows you to branch out it into colours you wouldn’t normally consider, and I decided on this terracotta colour, the colour of a fox really, and appropriately called “My Foxy Darling”. Two skeins has almost 500 metres so plenty for a scarf and hat.


5 responses to “Rhiannon

  1. That’s lovely yarn. The colour is just wonderful.

  2. Lovely color and name! I admit to being sucked into things like that just because of the name. Confession: I sometimes buy wine just because the name or the label appeals to me.

  3. “Rhiannon? Rhiannon? Who is this Rhiannon?” — one of my favorite lines from Daffyd Thomas. What a wonderful gift. Did your mother teach you to knit — and do you get to knit with her very often?

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