The QANTAS cabin bag

Day 6 of #blogjune

Con over at Flexnib has revived the much loved blog meme “What’s in your bag?” Who could resist taking a peak?

I’m sure I posted something about this meme in a previous #blogjune but now I can’t find it. I’m also pretty sure it was my Ben Sherman bag with the Union Jack on it, which I loved, but the style of which was sadly not matched by its quality and it is alas no more.

My current bag is a reproduction of the classic 1950s QANTAS cabin bag. It was a present from Wayne a couple of years ago and I love it, and so do lots of other people it seems. I have been stopped in the street by people who ask me about it and it always gets a comment from flight attendants when I’m flying interstate.


It’s quite a small bag but you can squeeze a lot in:

  • The Rough Guide Vintage London for daydreaming and travel planning on the tram ride to work
  • A USB memory stick, contents unknown
  • A green pen
  • Phone
  • iPod
  • Umbrella — I live in Melbourne
  • Cold tablets, just in case
  • Soy sauce, just in case
  • A Japanese Genmaicha tea bag
  • Half a pack of mints
  • I usually have more than this!



4 responses to “The QANTAS cabin bag

  1. I saw thatjapanese tea bag and I knew right away it is yours =) (at feedly)

  2. strawberriesofintegrity

    That is so cool….and SNAP!
    Carl bought me the same bag a few years ago. He went to Melbourne during the week – just overnight for work – and took it. He has used it before for quick trips. I do not use it but look at it, as I also have a great vintage Air New Zealand bag that I trashed (well sort of) when a water bottle leaked in it…so I am more wary now.
    But I love that you have one!

    • I love that we both love vintage airline bags! What a pity about the Air NZ one. I actually do covet a BOAC one. One day…

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