Breakfast a-go-go

Day 3 of #blogjune

I am old enough to remember the very exciting day when morning television arrived in Melbourne in the late 1960s. Until then television started around noon, usually with the midday movie that you only got to watch when you were home sick, but finally we could watch television before school!


At first there was only one choice, Today on Channel 9, which was a morning news show from Sydney hosted by Mike Walsh and featuring (how do I still remember this?) weather reports and yoga segments presented by actress Bobo Falkner.

Today back in the late sixties was probably as appalling as it is today, so my brothers and I were so excited when Channel 0 in Melbourne started its own breakfast kids show in 1969. Fredd Bear’s Breakfast A-go-go was hosted by singer Judy Banks and, of course, Fredd Bear.

We were first introduced to Fredd Bear on an earlier children’s show The Magic Circle Club with Nancy Cato, but Fredd was now a bit more grown up and pretty cool. He didn’t speak but he had some mean go-go dance moves and wore multi-coloured psychedelic dungarees (we missed out on the full psychedelic experience because we didn’t get a colour television until 1975).

They also showed what must have been very early music videos. The only problem was that, although the show ran for several years, they seemed to only have two music videos on endless repeat… Do you know the way to San Jose by Dionne Warwick and Galveston by Glenn Campbell. We got to know them quite well.

1-fredbear-002Wayne grew up in Shepparton so he never got to see Fredd Bear on television but he is lucky enough to possess the Judy Banks/Fredd Bear recording A paw full of songs (although Fredd can’t sing, apparently he can play the saxophone).

There are just a couple of tiny surviving fragments of the show, and here’s one, featuring some of Fredd’s amazing dance moves. It’s a bit shaky in the first few seconds but perservere!


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