X’s and O’s

A double challenge for May and the second Christmas ball finished on the very last day of the Merry Knitalong.


The red and green look quite Christmassy together don’t they!?

These are number 14 and 15 from Arne and Carlos’s 55 Christmas balls to knit, two versions of X’s and O’s, a traditional Scandinavian pattern.

“The cross is an Andrew’s cross and the circles are the wheel of life or the sun.”

I would have finished sooner but I was having problems with the increases on the green and white one so there were a couple of false starts. I had been using the single raised increase in all my Christmas balls in the knitalong so far but, as there are colour changes in the increase stitches of this one, some of the stitches were stretched and spoiled the colour pattern. It was ok but I wondered if I could find something neater so I turned to June Hemmons Hiatt’s epic tome The Principles of knitting for some ideas.

I tried a running stitch increase, where  you lift the running stitch onto the left needle and knit it, and the colour changes were certainly neater but the increase left a noticeable hole, so then I tried the twisted version where you then knit through the back of the stitch to twist it. This turned out really quite nicely, so that’s what I did.


Unfortunately my decreases at the top didn’t turn out quite so well, but after all the false starts, and it being the evening of the very last day in May as I got to the top, I decided to plow on and finish it regardless. Notice how I have artfully arranged my photo so you can’t see the top? I’ll just drape some tinsel over it when it’s hanging on the Christmas tree.

ps: Con at Flexnib is hosting the annual Blog every day in June challenge for a lovely bunch of Australian and New Zealand librarians. I might ask her to consider this for day 1 of the challenge and we’ll see if I’m up for it.


3 responses to “X’s and O’s

  1. I’m sure that green ball’s decreases are nowhere near as bad as you think! Positive that even on the tree with no camouflage tinsel, it’ll look splendid!

  2. I second the sentiment! They both look great!

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